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Poster: Apollo_Productions Date: Sep 3, 2006 3:28am
Forum: machinima Subject: edit item

I can't edit my item anymore got those error message:

*I am logged in, and I also doen't change my email address

Could somebody please help.

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Poster: GirdwoodTelevision Date: Sep 5, 2006 12:04pm
Forum: machinima Subject: Re: edit item


The machine your item is on, ia301212, is offline right now. When the ops team gets it fixed, you should be able to edit your item again.;justme=1

That will show your tasks, and the machine that's down should be highlighted in yellow.



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Poster: Apollo_Productions Date: Sep 5, 2006 12:36pm
Forum: machinima Subject: Re: edit item

Thank you.